System Integration & turn-key projects

Efficient system integration demands thorough knowledge of both production processes and the components that make up a production line. Like no other, Verhoeven Material Handling Family partners with you for tailored system integration and production line implementation.


Besides handling and conveying standard containers, Verhoeven is specialized in handling and conveying non-standard containers. Think about working with unusual sizes or varying speeds. Do you have specific wishes and requirements for dimensioning materials and weight? We can work with those!


We have decades of experience with total system integration within the food and non-food industry. Think about systems for packaging, weighing, inspection and labelling. We offer non-food solutions like sawing, sanding, gluing, painting, drying, heating and cooling. And solutions for food production stages like proofing, heating, baking, cooling and freezing.


We offer you existing A-brand modules, our own developed and applied Verhoeven modules which have an excellent service reputation (Configure to Order), or new modules custom made for you (Engineer to Order).


Your end-of-line food and/or non-food packaging production is completed with solutions like box or tray insertion, flow-packing, shrink-wrap application, banding and pallet packaging. All these are based on a central man-machine interface that links directly to your office automation.


Would you like to discover how Verhoeven Material Handling Family can help strengthen and improve your food or non-food system integration? Contact us today for more information!

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