New build office building of Verhoeven Family of Companies

Verhoeven Family

The Verhoeven Family of Companies develops, produces and supplies systems for internal transport, storage and material handling, and custom-made equipment. Verhoeven Family of Companies is the parent of two innovative family enterprises: Verhoeven Material Handling Family and Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family.


Verhoeven Material Handling Family has decades of experience in the development, engineering and production of internal handling and conveying systems. Our solutions have been installed all over the world in a wide variety of industries, applied in new and existing production environments. Our team of experts provides you with the most efficient solutions for your product carriers. The whole development – and production process is performed under one roof to ensure you the ultimate flexibility, efficiency and quality. We are able to service you to meet your requirements for standard or tailor made solutions, complete production lines or modifications to your existing system, even if your production space is limited.


Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family supplies turn-key projects by incorporating the expertise of its 4 specialist daughter companies: BVT Dough Process Solutions which produces dough make up and sheeting and laminating lines; NewCap Industrial Handling Solutions which supplies advanced handling systems; Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions which developed a method that enables the vacuum cooling technique to be applied to dough on a large scale; and Bakepack End of Line Solutions which develops, produces and installs custom-made End of Line Solutions.

Family tree Verhoeven Family of Companies

Ours is a close-knit family of companies, constantly cross-pollinating their latest knowledge and developments to help each other to attain a higher level. Not only does this keep the individual companies sharp, it also generates growth for the entire group.


Complex challenges are our passion and ensure that we are always at the forefront of developing new solutions and applications. This innovative power is the lifeblood of our excellence as a custom-made provider with a multi-sector portfolio. We serve industry in a broader and more professional way and this is proven in the continuity and stability of our company.


Our team of specialists is motivated to offer the ultimate solutions for the challenges you provide us. Every individual has the drive and ambition to excel, based on deep knowledge and experience working in an environment that encourages personal responsibility and independence. We are convinced this is our key to success, now and in the future. Our organisation is active on a broad international scale and has gone through a healthy solid period of growth.

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