Mr. Verhoeven founded Verhoeven in 1968 at Parallelweg 13 in Oss, the Netherlands. Specialized in material handling and conveyor technology, we sold our tailor-made handling and conveyor solutions to local customers in, for example, the meat processing, canning and carpet industries. Besides Verhoeven worked for well-known companies like Philips and Organon.


We began working with companies across the Netherlands and expanded our activities rapidly to Western European multinationals. Verhoeven started to gain visibility in the international market and became recognized quickly as a reliable supplier of high-quality material handling and conveyor technology. A worldwide customer base was established.


Verhoeven Family of Companies has acquired a position in the upper regions of the Dutch Top 100 Manufacturing Industry list over the years. Our quality reputation is known in various industries such as the food -, automotive – and construction industry. Our specialized division Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family has built-up a strong position in the bakery segment with four subsidiary labels offering both specialized expertise and a combined turn-key solution portfolio:

BVT Dough Process Solutions focuses on the development of laminating, sheeting and make-up lines for industrial bakeries;

Newcap Industrial Handling Solutions delivers advanced handling systems to industrial bakeries;

Vacuum Cooling & Baking Solutions developed an innovative method for the vacuum cooling of general dough products for industrial bakeries, a method now also used for soups, sauces, etc.; and

Bakepack End of Line Solutions develops totally integrated packaging solutions for industrial bakeries.

For decades, quality, consistency and self-reliance have remained the cornerstones of the Verhoeven Family. It’s this continued mindset and ability to manufacture all our components and solutions in house that keeps us ahead in the market. Because of this, we enable ourselves to offer fast delivery times and competitive prices to customers all around the world.


A close-knit team of employees continues to contribute to the success of Verhoeven. Coupled with a no-nonsense mentality, Verhoeven Family members have a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. Throughout all our years in business, at all levels and across all disciplines.


In 2020, to better accommodate our expanding business and teams, we expanded our existing facility with a new, state-of-the-art main production facility and new office spaces. Our gateway to even more industry development and growth.


Since our start in 1968, we have all done our part to take Verhoeven quickly from a small production company to a serious player in the international market. Like our founder, Mr. Verhoeven, we continue to keep a sharp eye out for opportunities and worldwide activities. And we continue to operate as one, big family.

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