Food Handling

Nothing is more sensitive than edibles handling and conveying for the food industry. Fresh or frozen, hot or cold, naked or packed; from meat, fish, vegetables and fruit to baked goods and confectionery products. From carrying to packaging. Continuity, quality and efficiency are vital to the process.


We pay close attention to hygiene, contamination risk and unusual weight or shapes for the solutions we provide. Besides, we take into account temperature differences in your industrial production. We know exactly what is needed to ensure safe and efficient food handling and conveying. This is demonstrated repeatedly by our decades of experience with these processes and the added value of our solutions. Often built from stainless steel and FDA-approved components, our solutions comply with strict, updated international hygiene requirements and are specifically designed to be easy to clean and maintain.


At Verhoeven Material Handling Family, all our handling and conveying solutions are equipped with the necessary systems to ensure that your production process can operate continuously, as standstills are costly. 


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