Original Equipment Manufacturer

At Verhoeven Material Handling Family, we understand your own engineering works demand a major investment and must be constantly adapted to new developments in metal processing. These developments come with high overhead costs. Verhoeven Family is your partner for quality components manufacturing. As a subcontractor and white label company, we produce the components you need when you need them.


Take a look at our manufacturing services:


Verhoeven Family can take the entire process off your hands as your very own OEM –Original Equipment Manufacturer. We use CNC equipment for many of our processes. Additionally, we process steel and stainless steel separately.


You can subcontract the production of single components or entire production lines out to us. You supply the blueprints and, together with you, we design and supply the manufacturing. It’s that simple.


Best of all, you have your own dedicated contact person within Verhoeven. Because we have all the disciplines in house, your contact person can ensure that all your solutions are made to your specifications; assembled, finished, packaged and, if required, delivered to you on site.


Would you like to learn more about our OEM services, and how we can help improve your industrial production? Contact us today for further information or email your request to us at info@verhoevenfamily.com

Laser cutting

We can carry out laser cutting on request. Our three laser cutters can cut any desired component with extreme accuracy. Think about parts made out of steel or stainless steel in various thicknesses.


We can also process laser-cut parts further for you with additional sheet metal or welding work, or treatments such as blasting or coating.

Sheet metal work

Sheet metal work is usually a subsequent step to laser cutting. During laser cutting, parts are cut out before being folded into a particular shape, often in preparation for welding work.


We have three press brakes at our on-site workshop which can fold parts with different dimensions and from different materials. Other processes are also possible, including edge-finishing and beveling, cutting, punching, rolling, etc. 


In all cases, you determine what you want and how you want it. After that, we take the entire process off your hands.


Machining is the term used for all types of material processing that uses particular hand or machine tools to remove material. Examples of machining are milling, tapping, turning, drilling, sawing, grinding, etc. Often the products are machine parts such as shafts or bushes, or parts that have to be welded onto something.


We can carry out all your machining tasks, automated or manually.


In this stage, component are ready to attain their final shape or they are combined into an assembly to form part of a machine or object.


We possess all the necessary certifications, and we weld with steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials, for example. And we use welding techniques that include MIG, TIG and MAG.Whether you need large amounts of small parts or small amounts of large parts, we have you covered.


We can assemble manufactured parts into a complete production line based on your requirements.


We can also carry out maintenance or overhaul projects, any time you need them. For example, assembly can take place during a planned production shutdown or during major maintenance to your production site. We can also advise about maintenance intervals and spare parts that could reduce or almost eliminate standstill.


We can take care of all your assembly, maintenance and/or spare parts projects.

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